How to Feed a Horse (or a herd)

As a rookie horse owner I've been learning a lot by trial and error.  What and how to feed these beasts has given me some surprising challenges.  I'm a grazing specialist so I definitely have some experience feeding animals.  I've owned cattle, goats and a couple mini horses.  None of this prepared me for my... Continue Reading →


Sometimes it just takes one weekend away from home…

Yes, sometimes it just takes one weekend away from home to help you realize just how much you enjoy being home. This past weekend was just that for me. Not that it was a bad or difficult weekend, it was in fact the opposite. My long weekend away began on Friday morning. In the midst... Continue Reading →

The Goat Fence- take 2

    Well, I believe it was about a year ago that I was so excited that I was finally able to send the goats out to their pasture.  You see, on our farm fencing for goats comes after all the cow pastures have been tended to.  We debated on how to put up a... Continue Reading →

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