Sometimes it just takes one weekend away from home…

Yes, sometimes it just takes one weekend away from home to help you realize just how much you enjoy being home. This past weekend was just that for me. Not that it was a bad or difficult weekend, it was in fact the opposite. My long weekend away began on Friday morning. In the midst of a winter storm warning I was to drive two hours to Jackpot Junction Casino where the weekend conventions were to be held. Normally, driving under such circumstances would have me very nervous but this time I was confident I would make it before the storm hit and since I was to stay for two nights the mess would be all cleaned up by the time I had to leave. Fortunately I made it to my destination ahead of the weather and got myself settled in for the weekend.

The conventions I was attending were the MN State Cattlemen’s annual convention and the MN Lamb and Wool Producers annual Shepherd’s Harvest. This is the part of my job that I love. I get to attend these conventions to support the organizations and attend seminars about the industry that will help me better serve MN farmers. As an added bonus, the topics discussed can help me learn more about my own livestock operation. It actually makes it worthwhile to put in the extra effort in planning that it takes for me to be gone for a couple of nights.

The downside of all of this is that after talking with producers about your operation and learning all sorts of new things that you want to try out at home, it really does add to the feeling of homesickness that begins to set in after a day or two away. I was happy to face dry roads and good weather for my trip home on Sunday evening. I was even happier to see that all the livestock had fared well in my absence and learn that my children were not too much of a burden to their grandparents.

I always look forward to the adventures my job takes me on. I thoroughly enjoy the preparation and anticipation but perhaps the best feeling of all it that of completeness when I return home.


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